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ATI Straton LED

ATI Straton LED

ATI Straton LED

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Coral Optimized Reef Light

„The Next Generation Of Flat LED Light“

The larger the area of light above the aquarium, the less coral will shade itself. This improves the generation of energy and the colouring of corals.

The Straton therefore has a particularly large illuminated area of 400x400mm and achieves a particularly uniform light distri- bution.

7 separately controllable colour channels and three indepen- dently controllable sections offer the best adjustment possibili- ties.

Pre-programmed light colours, based on our proven T5 light co- lours, ensure safe operation right from the start.

Thus the Straton LED light is able to copy the proven light of the T5 in all aspects (spectrum, intensity and radiation orientation) without renouncing the shimmer effect.

The advantages of large-area lighting are already known from the proven T5 technology.


Vekt 4 kg
Dimensjoner 50 × 50 × 20 cm