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Blue Life Safety Stop Instant Fish Quarantine

Blue Life Safety Stop Instant Fish Quarantine

Blue Life Safety Stop Instant Fish Quarantine

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Safety Stop er en enkel og effektiv måte å beskytte saltvanns- og ferskvannsakvariefiskene mot alvorlige uønskede sykdomsutbrudd forårsaket av ytre parasitter, bakterie og soppinfeksjoner. Ny fisk er ofte kilden til smittsomme sykdommer som kan utslette et helt akvarium. Vær proaktiv og gi fiskene dine et Safety Stop-bad for å redusere risikoen for å innføre dødelige sykdommer betydelig. Beskytt investeringen din !!!

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While there is no substitute for extended quarantine of new fish in a separate hospital tank, often it is not practical. We recommend using Safety Stop before introducing the new fish into your main aquarium or into the quarantine tank. For multiple tank owners, it should be used anytime a fish is transferred from one tank to another including all quarantine tanks.

How to use product:

  1. Take fish from fish store directly home without delay. Acclimate fish to the same temperature and pH of the aquarium before performing the Safety Stop bath.
  2.  While fish is acclimating prepare the two baths: into clean, non-metallic  containers (i.e., a plastic or glass bucket), add one gallon of water directly from the aquarium into each bucket. With scissors, cut the edge of the product packages and pour PART A into the first container and PART B into the second container Monitor for temperature changes.
  3.  Gently agitate both solutions with an air stone. Leave the air stones in the container to oxygenate the water when fish is in the bath.
  4. Remove the fish to be treated from acclimation water and deposit in bath PART A for 45 min (30 min if fish has been shipped overnight within the last 72 hours). Keep a loose cover on bath to make sure fish doesn’t jump out.  Carefully watch the fish for signs of stress during the entire treatment process. Signs of stress include heavy breathing, erratic swimming, rolling, etc. If fish shows signs of stress reduce time and put immediately into PART B bath.
  5. After Part A, transfer fish to Part B bath for 45 min. Continuing to watch for signs of stress. If signs of stress occur, remove before treatment is over, and transfer to quarantine tank or prepared aquarium. Do not put bath water into aquarium. After treatment B is over net fish into aquarium.
  6. Observe fish after introduction to tank to make sure tank mates are not disturbing fish. It is good idea to feed the tank simultaneously while introducing the new fish to keep the resident fish occupied. Keep light levels low for 24 hours after introduction.


    • Bath should be discarded after several hours but can be used on multiple fish within a few hours either at the same time.
    • This dip protocol is intended for ornamental fish only.


    • Do not use on scale-less freshwater fishes.
    • Do not use on invertebrates i.e. Corals, urchins, sea stars, snails, crabs
    • Do not exceed 45 minutes in each bath
    • Do not use on fish that show obvious signs of sickness.
    • Solution may stain.
    • Do not pour dip water into tank K
    • Keep out of reach of children
    • Avoid contact with skin, eyes and clothing.
    • Do not injest or breathe vapors!


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