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Fusion Mini 40 Bord

Fusion Mini 40 Bord

Fusion Mini 40 Bord

Bestillingsvare 1-2 ukers levering, så lenge lageret rekker!

  • H 91,44 cm, W 60,96 cm, D 50,8 cm
  • Push Action Door Latches
  • Storage Shelves
  • Pre-Cut Cable Ports

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This Ultra-Premium High Gloss Stand will transform your living art display into the center piece of any room. Every inch of this ultra-premium stand’s exterior surface has gone through a triple step coating process to provide you a sleeker, sharper, sturdier and more modern look that will contribute to the beauty of your home.

To accompany the stands striking lines, it comes with the high quality components to match. New push action door latches, hidden adjustable hinges, adjustable interior shelving, pre-cut cord management ports, and a triple painted coat for more water resistance. It’s the meticulous details in this Ultra-Premium High Gloss Stand that leave you with an impression that is nothing short of breath taking.



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