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GHL Maxi Doser SA Hvit

GHL Maxi Doser SA Hvit

GHL Maxi Doser SA Hvit

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Dose large amounts with pinpoint precision.

The GHL Doser Maxi is the perfect dosing device for automatic water changes, as larger quantities of liquid up to 320 ml / minute can be pumped . Due to the used 24 V stepper motors, microdoses of 0.1 ml are also possible.

With the free GHL Connect App or the or the cloud service myGHL, you can always control anything from anywhere, start dosing programs or monitor the fill levels of your metering liquids. Thanks to the high quality technology inside the modern GHLDoser Maxi, it not only provides precise and simple dosing, but it also includes many more features. 

The GHL Doser Maxi can be run as a single unit or in combination with other GHL devices. Operate the device comfortably with your smartphone, tablet or PC. The connection is possible via WLAN, LAN and USB.

The LED illuminated GHL Logo in the housing serves as a status indicator. It displays the condition of your aquarium by displaying various colors and tells you when something requires your attention.

The GHL Doser Maxi is available as a Stand Alone Unit (SA), as well as a Slave Unit.

Stand Alone and Slave Doser. An Efficient Team.

Do you need more than one device? If so, the GHL Doser Maxi is perfect for you because the Doser can be expanded into an efficient dosing system.

The autarchic Stand Alone unit has integrated control electronics. With it, you can additionally control other Slave Doser (GHL Doser 2/2.1 Slave or GHL Doser Maxi Slave) units.

The Slave Doser has an interface for control via the Stand AloneDoser (GHL Doser 2/2.1 SA or GHL Doser Maxi SA) or the ProfiLuxController.

You can control a total of 16 pumps independently.

The settings for all the pumps can be adjusted easily and clearlywith our software. Even when you are not at home, you can still have access.

GHL Control App Pumps

GHL Control App Pumps

GHL Control App Dosingtimes

GHL Control App Dosingtimers

The highly accurate 24 V stepper motors allow you to perform up to 150 doses per day. The dose is precisely adjustable to 0.1 ml!

When determining the dosing times you can either chose yourdoses beeing distributed automatically throughout the day. Or beeing distributed up to 8 doses per day, individually set.

myGHL Cloudservice

Cloudservice myGHL Dosingpump

Stand Alone and Slave Doser. Ports.

GHL Doser Maxi Stand Alone

Realize the full potential of GHL Doser Maxi Stand Alone:

You can also connect up to 2 Level sensors to monitor the water level in your basin and a temperature sensor for checking thewater temperature. You can even use our Magnetic Stirrer to ensure that fluids are always mixed prior to dosing.

Maxi Doser Conections

GHL Doser Maxi Slave

Expand your Stand Alone Doser or operate the Slave Doser with aProfiLux Controller.

The connection is made without interference via the PAB Aquaticbus PAB cables.

Maxi Doser Slave, Connections

Quality and Functionality. Down to the Smallest Detail.

Each pump can be operated manually via the push buttons on the front panel. This allows you toquickly post-dosing, deflating the tube vent or suctioning liquids.

Maintenance & wear parts

The pumps are largely maintenance-free. For optimal performance, we recommend occasionally cleaning and removing dust and other impurities from the inside of the pumps. In order to reduce noise during operation it is allowed to lubricate the pump with vaseline.

Tubes, pumps and motors are wear parts, the life time depends on the use frequency, flow quantity and environmental conditions.

Average lifetime: 5000 hours for the motor, 800 hours for the pump head.
When malfunctions (e.g. insufficient flow, losing prime, leakage, increased operation noise) or mechanical damages occur the pump head or motor must be replaced. Due to the maintenance-friendly design wear parts can be replaced easily, wear parts are available as accessories.

Are you in need of technical support or would like to have a buying guide?

If so:

Then join the growing GHL community by navigating to our dedicated support forum! Our GHL Support Forum offers you direct contact with the GHLTeam and our wide customer base and can provide you with a wealth of tips and guidance. Just make sure you stop by!


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