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Innovative Marine Nuvo INT 190L + APS Bord

Innovative Marine Nuvo INT 190L + APS Bord

Innovative Marine Nuvo INT 190L + APS Bord

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Vi bestiller inn nytt parti med IM Akvarier. Forhåndsbestill før 5.August og få med Gratis Levende Stein! Du får totalt 10% av totale vann volumet gratis! Dvs 190L = 19kg Levende stein gratis! Tilbudet gjelder frem til 5.August 2019 og så lenge lagerbeholdning rekker.

NUVO Aquariums have a long history of transforming the way you reef and our next generation of Full Size Aquariums will change it again!

From the start, Innovative Marine’s vision was to create an aquarium that the overflow flawlessly integrates into the experience and is in tune with your dream set up.

Introducing the NUVO Full Size INT.

The INT’s internal overflow system possess an industry first Trapezoid Infinity Overflow, dual return LOC-LINE nozzles and a custom “Bean Animal” style safety drain system.

When crafting a premium aquarium no detail is ever over looked or underachieved. Utilizing only the highest caliber components, the INT embrace Innovative Marine’s award-winning craftsmanship, diamond edged ultra-thick high clarity low iron glass, laser cut acrylic weir and distinct black silicone lines forged from a bloodline of distinction.

Completely Silent, efficient and fully customizable the Full Size NUVO Aquariums were born for the next generation of products for the hobbyist.


  • Volume 190 liters (50 Gl)
  • DIMS:   60 x  60 x 50 cm  (23.6” x 23.6” x 19.7”)
  • Trapezoid Infinity Overflow
  • 3x – 1” Pre-drilled “BeanAnimal” Internal Overflow [Primary Drain, Emergency Drain and Secondary E-Drain]
  • 1x – ¾” Pre-drilled Return Hole
  • Laser Cut Black Acrylic Weir w/ Slot Cut Rear Glass Panel
  • Ultra-Thick 10mm High Clarity Low Iron Glass
  • Diamond Edged Flat Polished
  • Black Silicone
  • Rubber Leveling Mat
  • Pro Series Screen Lid
  • Included Plumbing: 1- ¾” LOC-LINE w/ Dual Flare Nozzles [Return] 1- Primary Drain Assembly [Overflow] 1 – E-Drain Assembly, 1 – Secondary E-Drain Assembly 1- Return Hose Assembly
  • Recommended Return Pump Flow Rate:   1900-3800 LPH  (500-1000 GPH)


Vekt 80 kg
Dimensjoner 80 × 80 × 150 cm