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Sicce Suba Varmekolbe 100W

Sicce Suba Varmekolbe 100W

Sicce Suba Varmekolbe 100W

kr 239.00

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SCUBA heaters are suitable for all types of aquariums and are particularly appreciated for their slim design. They are precise, reliable, and completely submergible.

Top characteristics

  • Thinnest heater in the market (diameter 17mm). High thermal resistant glass with anti-scald plastic protection.
  • Automatic heater with temperature regulation.
  • Light indicator for visual on-off control.
  • TECHNICAL DATA To select the most suitable heater for your tank consider the volume of the aquarium, the room temperature and the temperature increase you desire. Temperature increase is indicated as ∆To. Submersible up to a maximum depth of 1 m. Minimum level indicated in the glass for correct operation. ∆t° = T water – T ext. Watt = Heater power Liters = Tank capacity


Vekt 0.200 kg
Dimensjoner 20 × 10 × 10 cm